Adding Art

VTF-Roof-Cropped-copyArt is not usually associated with hardware stores and this is one more way Van Tuyl and Fairbank Hardware is unique. On the roof, a horse-drawn wagon has been added. Dave McCann of Alvinston is credited with building it as an exact replica of one made by the Petrolia Wagon Works. The life-size metal horse pulling the wagon was sculpted by Murray Watson of Watford. He also sculpted the man atop the roof. This man is Buff Keck, a well-known character in town during the 1940s and 50s.

There’s more surprising art in the Solarware building – a stained glass triptych by renowned artist Christopher Wallis and his partner, Geri Binks. It is an abstract in three panels with the theme of Before and After Oil. What’s amazing is that it can be powered by solar and this speaks volumes about how VanTuyl and Fairbank Hardware continues to evolve. With a century and a half of adapting, it has lots of experience.

Pictured Right: The wooden wagon on the roof is an exact replica of a model from the Petrolia Wagon Works. It was built by Dave McCann of Alvinston! The life-size metal sculptures ofthe horse and the man, Buff Keck, were created by Murray Watson of Watford.